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A- SERVICE PROVIDER : EXPORTZON LLC                           


Tax Number :                                                  

Email Address : info@Exportzon.com / info@exportzon.com                                                  

Address : 1405 E Edinger Avenue 92705 SantaAna California                                                                     




Tax Office :                                                                 

Tax Number :                                         

Email Address :                                         

Address :                                                                     

Preferred Package : □ Package 1 □ Dropshipp ing / Seller                                              


EXPORTZON LLC (exportzon.com ) and Supplier / Seller shall be referred to separately as "Party" and together as "Parties" in this Agreement. 


2.         DEFINITIONS


Service Provider : It is the legal entity that will put the products promised to be provided to itself under the contract by the Supplier / Seller on the e-commerce platform it wishes at any price . It is not a direct Seller of any product provided by the other party providing service .


Supplier/Seller : Exportzon the LLC ( exportzon.com ) platform with a variety of membership in the online market place for products to be put up for sale by serving with; It is the real or legal person who is responsible for preparing and sending the products in the order form delivered to him, within the principles specified in this contract, at the specified date, quantity, quality and price .


Dropshipping : It is a sub-Seller that purchases the products that it sells from the Suppplier / Seller and sends them to the consumer without stock. While purchasing products with the Service Provider, it will be subject to consumer principles. When selling the product, it will be subject to Supplier / Seller principles.


Intellectual Property Rights : This Agreement is subject products belonging to the brand and the parties , limited not to, to the side of the brand, logo, design, ideas, works, images, etc. All rights d .


Marketplace: These are the e-commerce platforms where the products provided by the Supplier / Seller Company will be put up for sale by Exportzon LLC (exportzon.com). Exportzon will be determined on which e-commerce platform the products will be sold.


Buyer: It is a real or legal person who buys the products of the Supplier / Seller Company through Exportzon LLC (exportzon.com ) platform for the specified  price in the system.


Website : It refers to e-commerce platforms where the Supplier / Seller's products are listed and put up for sale by the Service Provider, especially exportzon.com .


Personal Data : California Consumer Privacy Act ( California Consumer Privacy Act ) pursuant identity are specially qualified personal data with any information relating to identified or identifiable natural person.




3.1. Subject of this contract ; It is the regulation of the sales, delivery to the consumer and other matters regarding the products provided by the Supplier / Seller Company by EXPORTZON LLC (exportzon.com ) in various e-commerce platforms .  


3.2. In accordance with this Agreement, the Supplier / Seller is managed by EXPORTZON LLC (exportzon.com ) www. He wants to become a member of the e-commerce platform named exportzon.com and benefit from the supplier / seller of the e-commerce platform services he owns in return for the commission he will pay at the rate determined in the package content.    


3.3. This contract is a framework contract that includes general provisions that determine all working conditions between the parties, and all transactions are subject to these contract terms.  





4.1. PACKAGE 1 ( Standard / Suppplier)  


4.1.1. Supplier / Seller, EXPORTZON the LLC (exportzon.com ) 's set to EXPORTZON on market places , LLC (exportzon.com) in accordance with the procedures and rules of one or more products and / or publish the ads consisting of content and visuals for the sale of services, list my opportunity to refers to the package they have.      


4.1.2. There is no one-time entry fee to this package until the end of 31.12.2020 .      


4.1.3. Supplier / Seller Firm pays commission fee by category per product sold to EXPORTZON LLC (exportzon.com ).      


4.1.4. Supplier / Seller has the right to an unlimited list of products on exportzon.com e- commerce platform.      


4.1.5. Supplier / Seller has the right to use the products, brand and subject in social media and promotional supports.