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Human Resources

Human Resources

Human Resources

Our Human Resources Policy

As the Exportzon Human Resources team, our aim is; is to bring the right people to our company, to support them in reaching their potential and thus to add value to our company to achieve its goals.

Our multinational company structure is to try to add value to our works and employees by transforming local talents into universal business potentials.

Education and Development Programs

Recruitment Training is organized so that newcomers learn the culture, rules, and procedures of our company and adapt easily to their jobs.

English is used intensively in the office as a requirement of being a multinational company. English language training is provided to our employees who need to improve their knowledge of English. We believe that teams that know each other, have good relationships, and are open to communication perform better and work happier than other teams. For this reason, we contribute to internal communication and cooperation by organizing activities and training that will reinforce the team spirit.

Performance Management

Since we are a performance-oriented company, the performance of our employees is evaluated twice a year. The purpose of the interim evaluation is to provide the necessary support to ensure that our staff reaches their goals in the areas needed. Performance ratings are given with the final evaluation made at the end of the year and linked to the fairly designed award system. Emphasis is also placed on talent management and career planning to promote high performance.

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