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Our Basic Privacy Rules

As Exportzon llc, it is our priority to protect the confidentiality of personal information. Our goal is that our privacy-related practices are understandable to Users. In order to make our users easier to read, we have summarized the rules regarding privacy practices. If you have any questions about this summary information we prepared, we recommend you to read our Privacy Policy, where you will have more detailed information.

1. Exportzon llc will not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for use in marketing activities, and personal information will be shared in accordance with the terms contained in the Privacy Policy or your express consent.

2. Your information provided by Exportzon llc to third parties and parties will not be sold or disclosed in any way by third parties and parties without your consent.

3. We may share your personal information with our Internal Service Providers who will serve to better perform our services offered on the site, or with other providers within the framework of confidentiality agreements to provide any service if required.

4. In accordance with the Privacy Policy, we may share your personal information with Exportzon llc users, to help streamline your transactions and enable other users to contact you.

5. We may share some of your personal contact information in accordance with the Privacy Policy in accordance with the valid requests received by administrative institutions and criminal institutions conducting criminal investigations.

6. We offer you options on how to contact you through the place settings section of your Private page.

7. If the Privacy Policy changes, we will notify you of the changes and provide you with the opportunity to reject them.

8. We will allow you to change your personal information in your user account so that you can update your information.

9. Other Group Companies that access your Personal Information will at least protect your personal information in accordance with the terms in the Privacy Policy, as Exportzon llc does.

10. To ensure the security of personal information, Exportzon llc will use other robust, secure technology and other programs to protect privacy.