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Exportzon Assurance

Exportzon Assurance

Next to the consumer

We respect consumer rights, we focus on user satisfaction and act in accordance with the law.

100% support for the original product

We provide 100% Support to the Original Product with the Brand Protection Center to prevent unfair competition between the sales of counterfeits and counterfeit goods. Turkey is not taking place in domestic and global markets for counterfeit products.

24/7 Online Live Support

for the first and only 7/24 exports in Turkey with our Call Center offer a seamless communication channel.

Payment protection system

With the Payment Protection System, it monitors the exchange between buyers and sellers, after the product is delivered, the payment is sent to the seller.

Approved sellers

We offer a controlled and reliable “Open Market” where only active companies can open stores and sell.

Turkey - American partnership

Exportzon.com was launched in partnership with Buvan Corp. Turkey's largest globally and we constantly invest in our efforts to become one of the internets.

Personal data security

We safely store and protect your personal data and never use it without your permission.

From Supplier to Buyer (global trade bridge)

Exportzon.com producers are expressed in the American market is open very easily, if they want to be in sales within Turkey can provide through our system.

Global trade support

Exportzon.com offers you the right solutions with its global trade experience. Our America office is a company that sends products to many parts of the world on a global scale, purchases and produces products from many parts of the world.

User-oriented service

Turkey's win with innovative eCommerce does not imagine portal offering is just one trial. We offer services to all stakeholders at the same distance as a company and user-oriented service and support approach.