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Visionera 8 inch AI Thermal Imaging Body Temperature Measurement with Face Recognition
Visionera 8 inch AI Thermal Imaging Body Temperature Measurement with Face Recognition
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Visionera 8 inch AI Thermal Imaging Body Temperature Measurement with Face Recognition


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Product Description

  • Visionera AI thermal imaging face temperature detection intelligent terminal is face detection and temperature measurement product that integrates facial contrast recognition heating imaging contactless temperature measurement module. 
  • When a person conducts face recognition, the human body surface temperature can be measured by thermal imaging. The whole face recognition measurement process is non-contact experience and is accurate, reliable, efficient and perception-free. 
  • If the temperature of the detected person exceeds a certain threshold, the signal light of the terminal will send out an abnormal warning and carry out a voice warning. 
  • Product design to follow the economic and practical, the design thought of security and stability, and provide a complete set of high quality, for wisdom through advanced facial recognition of infrared temperature testing management system, the system design using the mature technology, stable performance, simple fashion attendance temperature testing equipment stable and efficient attendance management, which can meet the needs of the current attendance and traffic management, and screen out the abnormal body temperature.
  • Automatic temperature measurement: Non-contact in vitro temperature measurement to reduce the risk of cross-contact.
  • Mask identification: Check whether to wear masks to enhance safety precautions
  • Intelligent Broadcast:  Warning of abnormal body temperature plus remind to wear a mask
  • Face recognition 10,000 database capacity, binocular in vivo detection
  • Real-name testing Proof of identity and indication of attribution
  • Monitoring of key populations: Stranger warning and blacklist management
  • Monitoring of data management After discovering the high-temperature data, informing the management.
  • Embedded face recognition detection and living body recognition algorithm based on deep learning.
  • Built-in thermal imaging temperature measurement sensor module, which can quickly measure the temperature of the human face (± 0.3) ℃).
  • The host runs the Android 5.1 operating system and uses the latest face detection and recognition models to quickly capture faces, intelligent face quality judgment, and accurate face comparison and recognition.
  • Using the latest technology to extract face features, minimize the impact of the contrast of the face angle, light, expression and other adverse factors on the results.
  • Integrated design, easy to install, simple and reliable.
  • Living body detection, anti-counterfeit photos, no space to drill.
  • Strong environmental adaptability, high stability, worry-free recognition during the day and night.
  • Signal free-breathing light, display light color according to human temperature information.
  • Support relay switch signal, access control management, safety, and peace of mind.
  • The Visionera 1800 comes with free tripod stand. 

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